Snowboard Skins – What it is?

Snowboard skins it’s awesome solution to upgrade and to protect your snowboard.


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Snowboard skins


Express yourself with awesome desings

Snowboard Skins DesignSnowboard skins were created to show rider’s personality. Most of Snowboarding lovers select the board by technical characteristics, but sometimes it’s hard to combine the great design and perfect technical specifications.

All designs are unique and were created for different personalities. Our idea was that every rider would be able to find a skins which will show his character.

Board Rokers team are great riders and professional designers. This is the reason why they know what design rocks! We are small and agile Snowboard skins manufacturers so we can think out of the box and deliver our design ideas.

So our small masterpieces are dedicated for your snowboard.

Snowboard Skins Technology

Board Rockers has created custom snowboard skins 3 layers technology.snowboard skins technology

1. Print Guard™ Layer
This layer is responsible for snowboard skin design and your snowboard protection. It was custom created by Board Rockers. We used hi-tech technology to create this layer ultra stron and flexible.

2. Design print HD layer
We use high resolution printing machines to offer you a best quality printing. All the printers is 300dpi. It’s the same as all the pictures are printed.

3. Polar Binder™ Layer
This layer was custom created to attach skin to your snowboard. Polar Binder technology guarantees perfect adhesive characteristics at low temperatures and high humidity level.

Know more about snowboard skins technology >

Change a Skin Not a Board

snowboard-skin-priceWe believe that you are fashionable… And you care about style and trends. Snowboard skins is solution for those who want to stand out with theirs style.

Average snowboard costs 599€ and snowboard skins you can get just for 59€. It’s much cheaper to change a skin not a board!


Unlimited Upgrades

snowboard skins upgradeThere is no limits for skin upgrades. You can upgrade or change the skin whenever you want.

You can remove your old skin or stickers and apply the new one. By the way installation is very easy.


Snowboard skin does not affect your board. After you remove the skin, board will be as it was before!

Snowboard skins experiences

My friend has showed me Board Rockers website. I liked the designs, but I had some doubts about the skins, finally I decided to try. so I got the skin, applied it and had a few rides. I must say that it’s a really cool thing! Thanks.
Maria, Norway
I was a bit afraid that it will be hard to install. But in reality it’s easy! Great stuff. Next season new skin! Thanks guys for the great experience. Keep doing this thing :)
Maximus, Sweeden

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