Welcome to Board Rockers

Our idea was to create something inspiring and new. Finally we found that this is nothing new.
We saw that we could create the best snowboard skins in the market!

Board Rockers team has a professional designer and creative director who make the snowboard skins look awesome and inspiring.
Also we are worked a lot to find the best technological solution. And Wualla! Our skins are stronger than a real snowboard.
Every day we are working to improve Board Rockers production and services – seeking for perfection.

We sure that our skins is the best with technology & style.

All our ideas are unique and comes straight from our heads. Snowboard skins is a product of our imagination and creativity.

Our Crazy Skills

Graphics & Design 95
Imagination & Fantasy 100
Snowboarding 95
Skiing 18
Whiskey Drinking 88

Meet the team

MattHead Of Design
Matt is awesome designer who owns a creative agency and works as creative director. He is in love with snowboarding so he decided to combine two things which he loves Desgign & Snowboarding. We are proud that he is responsible for our designs.
GinHead Of Development
Gin is head of web management. He is developer at BoardRockers.com He met snowboarding 9 years ago and he is still in love with off road tracks! We are happy that he decided to join BR team.