No! Snowboard skins will fit used and new board. But it works much better when snowboard is new and doesn’t have any dents on the corners
No! With our detailed instructions, and informative video, you won’t have any issues. Just take a deep breath and do it carefully. For us it takes about 15 minutes, but usually it takes around 20-40 minutes. If you are under the age of 18, be sure to get help from an adult.
You will find a cleaning tissue in Board Rockers Skin kit. If it’s not enough for your board you can use cheap window cleaner or other spirit based cleaner.
Usually snowboard skins lasts for 2-3 seasons. It depends on how well it was installed and the condition of your board before you applied the skin. Like your existing board graphics, you have to be careful of scratches and scrapes but your Board Skin will help you to protect your existing graphics against minor damage. With the low cost of our product, and frequently updated designs, you will be tempted to update it every season!
Air bubbles are a very common and they are just trapped air from your installation process. You can either use your sharp knife, or a needle and pop the bubble carefully and then lightly press the area with your finger. Please note, using a heat gun or hair dryer at a low temperature will assist with the air bubbles.
The edges of your BoardSkin will respond very similar to the edge of your snowboard. If chipping and curling occurs, trim your BoardSkin with a utility knife on a 45 degree angle. This is the same process used in your initial installation.
Yes! This is a great feature for personal board and for ski rentals, schools, teams and crews. You can use snowboard skin for branding or advertising. Please contacts us via email and we will send you a personal offer.
There is no problem with it. Board Rockers skins are designed to remove easily. After you clean your snowboard it will be as it was before. Snowboard skins is perfect solution to protect your board.
No. You can use snowboard skin only once.