When I can return my snowboard skin?

You can return your item if:

  • You’ve got wrong snowboard skin.
  • You’ve got a damaged snowboard skin .
  • You’ve got wrong size snowboard skin.
  • If the quality is not as good as you expected.

When I can not return my snowboard skin?

  • If you have used your snowboard skin.
  • If you damaged your snowboard skin by yourself.

How much money I will get back?

  • If it was our mistake you will get 100% your money back + Shipping back (if needed)
  • If it’s other option you will get 100% your money back.

If I want to return my item back?

  1. Please send us a message with reason and pictures to hello@boardrockers.com.
  2. You will receive our Returns department address.
  3. Then you have to ship the item and provide us a tracking number.
  4. We will refund in 7 days after skin is returned.

If you have more questions feel free to contact us: hello@boardrockers.com!

P.S. We haven’t got any returned snowboard skin yet. :)
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