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Matthew is a Board Rockers designer. He is founder and creative director of one creative agency. Matthew has around 10 years of design experience in many fields. Also he is co-founder of Bord Rockers and working as the Idea generator in BR team

Best Snowboard Designs 2016

Best Snowboard designs 2016 - it's a interesting topic for every snowboarder who want to catch up the latest trends. Snowboarding world is trendy and always shining with a new ideas. Every year all manufacturers presents the their Best Snowboard Designs of the year. In snowboard world there is no strong trends or the main trend setter. In this category designs are free and always breaking the rules. We Present Best Snowboard Designs 2016 Every year we present our design selection. This year it all different so we will try to present our Highlights. This year we have analyzed the most important players in the snowboard wold like Burton, Arbor, Gnu, Nitro, K2, Ride, Libtech and others. Also every year we follow graphic design trends with also makes some influence for snowboard designers. And the last part of our review is trends of our sales. Natural patterns never get out of fashion. Wooden patterns are trendy in graphic design wold and it affects snowboards too. Naturality mixed with funky graphics are very inspiring. We decided to add some vibrant colors to make the design more playful and stylish. This is one of the best snowboard designs 2016.     Horror, funky and vibrant designs are popular for more than 20 years. All snowboarders are you and bold personalities who want to stand out from the crowd. So one of the best snowboard designs are horror style.   Camouflage trend started to raise up in 2015 and it will be trendy in 2016, this means you will see it everywhere even on snowboards, jackets, cars, watchers. So we think that the digital camo snowboard is one of the best!   Burgundy is the one of most [...]

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Snowboard design upgrade

Snowboard design upgrade is really possible without spending a lot of money. We have 3 yeas for you how to upgrade your sowboard design without spending lot of money! Most of the people thinks that if you are bored with your snowboard design you must to buy a new snowboard. One evening we decided to google for some ideas how to upgrade snowboard design without spending a lot of money. We haven't found lot of ideas, but still we found something what we liked. Snowboard Design Upgrade no1. - Stickers! This is most popular and cheapest way to upgrade the snowboard design. Most of the riders are crazy about stickers. Lot of manufacturers and brands are giving away they branded stickers. There is two ways to get snowboard stickers. 1. You can get a free stickers by sending a real letter to brands which you love: “Hi (company your mailing), I love your brand, and was wondering if you guys could mail me some stickers so I can represent your stuff? Keep up the great work! -(Your Name)” Most of brands are happy to send you their standard stickers pack. You just need to go to brand website and find their address. Also you have to spend some money for stamps. So if you like this way just move your ass and do it! 2. Just search and buy stickers: There are many sellers on ebay or other websites where you can get branded and custom stickers for some money. Price ranges are different and it depends on stickers sizes or package size. So if this way is better for you just start searching. Our decision: This way is very popular but this is just [...]

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