Snowboard design upgrade is really possible without spending a lot of money.

We have 3 yeas for you how to upgrade your sowboard design without spending lot of money!

Most of the people thinks that if you are bored with your snowboard design you must to buy a new snowboard. One evening we decided to google for some ideas how to upgrade snowboard design without spending a lot of money. We haven’t found lot of ideas, but still we found something what we liked.

Snowboard Design Upgrade no1. – Stickers!

snowboard design upgrade

This is most popular and cheapest way to upgrade the snowboard design. Most of the riders are crazy about stickers. Lot of manufacturers and brands are giving away they branded stickers.
There is two ways to get snowboard stickers.

1. You can get a free stickers by sending a real letter to brands which you love:
“Hi (company your mailing),
I love your brand, and was wondering if you guys could mail me some stickers so I can represent your stuff? Keep up the great work!
-(Your Name)”
Most of brands are happy to send you their standard stickers pack. You just need to go to brand website and find their address. Also you have to spend some money for stamps. So if you like this way just move your ass and do it!

2. Just search and buy stickers:
There are many sellers on ebay or other websites where you can get branded and custom stickers for some money. Price ranges are different and it depends on stickers sizes or package size. So if this way is better for you just start searching.

Our decision: This way is very popular but this is just a spices of the design not a redesign. So if you want just a little upgrade we recommend a stickers but if you want something more just keep reading.

Snowboard Design Upgrade no2. – Painting!

snowboard design upgrade

This way is not very popular, but it’s still an option.
You will need:
1. Good idea
2. Enough time and patience.3. 2-4 cans of painting spray (depends on how many colors you need)
4. Additional stuff like adhesive tape, cups, caps and other things which could help you to make some shapes.

We found a guy on youtube who shows how to paint on snowboard.

Snowboard Design Upgrade no3. – Snowboard Skins!

The third way to upgrade your snowboard design is Snowboard Skins.

Snowboard skins is large sticker which covers your whole board top. So from our view it’s the best way to upgrade a design of your snowboard.
How it works?

snowboard design upgrade

Benefits of snowboard skins

Design Upgrade & Protection. Great benefit because you can upgrade your old design and protect the boards top from minor damages. If you have old snowboard which is still good to ride or you got a new board on sale which doesn’t look very attractive so this way would be the best for you. Also if you got a new board and want to protect from damages the snowboard skin would be the best solution.

Doesn’t need any skills. If you compare skins with painting you don’t need so much skills or a lot of time. To apply snowboard skin takes around 15-20 minutes and this process could be done by anyone. Click here and see how to apply the skin >

Inexpensive. If you compare how much you would spend for new snowboard and for new skin, you would pay 10 times less for skin. So it’s really the best upgrade option.

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