Best Snowboard designs 2016 – it’s a interesting topic for every snowboarder who want to catch up the latest trends. Snowboarding world is trendy and always shining with a new ideas. Every year all manufacturers presents the their Best Snowboard Designs of the year. In snowboard world there is no strong trends or the main trend setter. In this category designs are free and always breaking the rules.

We Present Best Snowboard Designs 2016

Every year we present our design selection. This year it all different so we will try to present our Highlights. This year we have analyzed the most important players in the snowboard wold like Burton, Arbor, Gnu, Nitro, K2, Ride, Libtech and others. Also every year we follow graphic design trends with also makes some influence for snowboard designers. And the last part of our review is trends of our sales.

Best Snowboard designs 2016

Natural patterns never get out of fashion. Wooden patterns are trendy in graphic design wold and it affects snowboards too. Naturality mixed with funky graphics are very inspiring. We decided to add some vibrant colors to make the design more playful and stylish. This is one of the best snowboard designs 2016.



Best Snowboard designs 2016

Horror, funky and vibrant designs are popular for more than 20 years. All snowboarders are you and bold personalities who want to stand out from the crowd. So one of the best snowboard designs are horror style.


Best Snowboard Designs 2016

Camouflage trend started to raise up in 2015 and it will be trendy in 2016, this means you will see it everywhere even on snowboards, jackets, cars, watchers. So we think that the digital camo snowboard is one of the best!


Best Snowboard Designs 2016

Burgundy is the one of most popular colors of the season. Also abstract in splashes are the best sellers in our shop. This artwork looks a bit magically, because it’s abstract and mystical.


Best Snowboard Designs 2016Watercolor graphics is the top trend this season. Abstract animals are still popular. So this board is essential mix of two popular ideas and fits perfect for female riders.


Best Snowboard designs 2016Abstract and colorful designs are always liked by people, because they most of the times matches to their clothing and they always looks great!

This was the main trends we see in the snowboards world and we offer for you.

We have selected more Best Snowbaords Designs 2016 from most popular manufacturers.

Best snowboards designs

And finally we would like to say that if you want to follow the trends you don’t have to pay every year for a new board, you can chose a new snowboard wrap which costs 10 times more than a new snowboard.

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